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How Coaching Works

How do I get started?

Getting started with Unconventional Organisation is convenient and easy. Simply visit our website at, and click “Book Free 20min consultation”. You can select a time to meet and talk with us and where we will help you decide if coaching is the right option for you.

What happens during the initial appointment?

During the initial appointment, we use the results of your 20-minute consultation to develop your 4 to 6 SMART goals together. These will act as your blueprint throughout coaching.

What do I need for online coaching?

Video Conferencing Equipment:

Please ensure you have a laptop or PC + webcam for your Zoom meetings. If you do have to use your phone for a session, please ensure it is mounted at head height and is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection.


Please ensure you have a quiet, private location with minimal distractions to conduct your Zoom session.

Dress Code:

Please be dressed suitably and ready to meet your coach as you would in a face-to-face setting.

Will I receive my session notes?

You will receive your coach’s session notes via email within 48 hours of your session.

You may find it helpful to bring a pen and paper to record ideas you wish to implement immediately.

Booking & Payment

How do I sign up for coaching?

Getting started with Unconventional Organisation is convenient and easy. Simply visit our website at, and click “Book Free 20min consultation”. You can select a time to meet and talk with us and where we will help you decide if coaching is the right option for you.

How do I pay for the coaching sessions?

Payment is made through a subscription service to make it easier to remember to pay. Simply select the payment option you'd like at You can unsubscribe at any time.

How much are appointments?

Our individual appointments are NZ$152 per week for weekly sessions. For fortnightly sessions (one session every two weeks) appointments are a total of NZ$166 but are billed as NZ$83 per week. You can decide which option you would prefer when you pay.

As part of each session, you receive 50 minutes with an experienced ADHD Coach, plus notes/worksheets.

Our Online ADHD Courses are NZ$20 per week and you can cancel at any time.

Do you accept health insurance?

Currently, we do not accept insurance for appointments with ADHD coaches. However, please check with your support provider as they can sometimes have funding for executive functioning or support services.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

How does rescheduling and cancellation work?

Before 48 hours of an appointment time:

You may reschedule your appointment or request a cancellation by emailing us at

Within 48 hours of an appointment:

Your coach takes time to review your notes before your appointment. To respect their time, we have a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. If you request a cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment, there are no refunds.

You may still email to request to reschedule your appointment, however, at such short notice it is unlikely your new time will be available until your following appointment.

What if I'm late or miss an appointment?

If you are late:

Your coach will wait for you for 20 minutes. If you do not arrive by this time, your coach will mark your appointment as a no-show. Coaching sessions require time for a recap, discussion, and investigation, followed up by collaborative problem-solving to establish a detailed and personalised plan. If you are more than 20 minutes late for your session, we will be unable to accomplish these goals in the time remaining.

If you miss your appointment (no-show):

There are no refunds for no-shows. If you find you struggle to remember your appointments, let us know and we can help you build a system of notifications to help you. We also email you a reminder the day before each session.

How do I cancel coaching sessions?

Individual Coaching:

Our system is designed to make payment easier but also provide flexibility. Payment is subscription based but you can choose to cancel at any time. If you are going on holiday, ask your coach to have your subscription suspended for that period. If you need to reschedule let us know and we will try to accommodate you with your current coach.

Please note that you need to let our coaches or administrators know about cancellations or rescheduling at least 48 hours beforehand in order to avoid paying for the session.

Online ADHD Coaching:

Your subscription for online ADHD coaching is set for NZ $20 per week. If you decide to leave you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will not need to pay for future weeks. However, please be aware that these payments are non-refundable.

What is your refund policy?

You may request a refund up to 48 hours before your appointment by emailing us at to cancel your appointment.

There are no refunds issued for appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of an appointment time.

Coaching Availability

Do you treat children or teens?

At this time, we don't support children or teens. We work with adults (ages 18+) with suspected or diagnosed ADHD.

Are there any coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions?

COVID-19 restrictions will not impact your sessions.

Our coaching and courses are all delivered online. Online appointments will take place via Zoom. When it's time for your session, simply click on the link provided in your confirmation email and wait for your coach to join you.

Our team at Unconventional Organisation wishes you and your loved one’s good health in what can be extremely difficult times. The pandemic has been a challenge for most people, but we know first-hand that having ADHD can make being stuck at home and adapting to a new work environment and routines extremely challenging on top of other life stressors. If you are struggling, please reach out to us to see how we can help.

Do you support my location?

As an online global organisation, we support all locations. We have coaches based across multiple time zones which can provide sessions that work for you. When you use our booking system, this is automatically set up in your time zone so you can book with confidence and no calculations.

Do I need to already be diagnosed with ADHD?

No, our coaches will meet you wherever you are in your ADHD journey. We understand that an ADHD diagnosis can be expensive and lengthy, so we focus on teaching you neurodiverse strategies you can use before and after a diagnosis.

There are many stigmas, stereotypes, and myths surrounding ADHD. Whether you've long suspected you have ADHD but were never formally diagnosed or have been diagnosed in the past and are looking to continue your treatment on a more convenient platform, we are here to help.

Visit our website at, and click “Book Free 20min consultation”. You'll have the ability to schedule a time with one of our experienced coaches.

You can select a time to meet and talk with us and where we will help you decide if coaching is the right option for you.

Will I have coaching during public holidays?

Because we operate internationally over Zoom, your session time, session date and even your regional public holidays may differ from your coach.

As a result, we require you to email if there is an upcoming public holiday that prevents you from attending a session. As always, 48 hours’ notice is required for appointment rescheduling or cancellation, however, if you are able to provide more advanced notice of your upcoming holidays your coach will appreciate it.

Scope of Practice

How is coaching different from a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists focus on diagnosing ADHD and providing medication. In contrast, we focus on meeting you wherever you are in your ADHD journey and providing practical research-backed strategies and systems that help you manage your weaknesses and support your strengths.

Will I get a prescription?

Our coaches cannot diagnose or prescribe medication for ADHD. If you require support to obtain a diagnosis and prescription, your coach can help you make a plan to achieve this goal with a psychiatrist or doctor in your area.

Do you offer therapy or cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)?

We do not currently offer therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy. However, there a lot of value in these therapies, and we highly recommend them to those seeking mental support. If you are already working with a therapist, ADHD coaching can often be a valuable addition to that support.

Do you treat other things besides ADHD?

No, our focus is on helping you manage your ADHD symptoms. If you need additional support during the sessions, we can help you find an appropriate provider to help you deal with mental health support.

About Us

What is Unconventional Organisation?

Unconventional Organisation is a digital ADHD coaching service created by and for people with ADHD.

We provide customised ADHD coaching programs for individuals with ADHD. We also offer online ADHD courses. Our goal is to make coaching as accessible and convenient as possible. We understand how hard it can be to find and book an ADHD coach. Our coaching is based on ADHD research. Each of our coaches has lived experience of ADHD and has been trained to use the researched-backed strategies we coach.

Our team wants to ensure that you receive knowledgeable care and, most importantly, you feel in control of your neurodiversity's strong strengths and strong weaknesses. If you choose to work with us, you'll have access to caring providers ready to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to find strategies that work best for you. Start with us today at

Are all coaches diagnosed with ADHD?

Yes. All of our coaches have been diagnosed with ADHD and have lived experience using the strategies they teach.

What training do ADHD coaches have?

As well as their own experience with ADHD and working in helping professions, each coach has undergone a two-month training process with Skye where they learned the skills of ADHD coaching, the latest ADHD research, and strategies and took part in training sessions with clients.

What ethical guidelines do you use?

Although coaches are not licensed or connected with them, we follow the Code of Ethics for Psychologists working in New Zealand where relevant. This is reflected in our practice, the coach's supervision, and the consent and confidentiality form you are sent once you sign up.

How can I become an Unconventional Organisation Coach?

Periodically we will recruit new individuals to be trained as Unconventional Organisation ADHD Coaches. If you would like to be considered, please email and include your CV along with information about:

• Which city you're located in (coaching will occur exclusively online).

• Your ADHD journey.

• What experience or training you currently have in helping professions (such as counselling, psychology, or social work).

• Why you want to join Unconventional Organisation

• How many hours are you interested in working

Please be aware that recruitment is in time zone batches, so if you don't hear from us, we have you on our list.