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Privacy policy

The protection of your health information is very important to us. By “health information,”
we mean protected health information as defined under New Zealand law (Privacy Act 2020
and its implementing regulations such as Health information privacy code 2020). We
recognize that many of the things we discuss are sensitive, and because of this, it is important
that you are aware of how this information is used and may be revealed. This document
contains a description of how your healthcare information is used and sometimes disclosed. It
is intended to inform you of our policies, procedures, and practices regarding the collection,
use, and disclosure of any information that you provide through the Unconventional


  1. Protecting your personal information is our top priority. We will not provide your personal information to other healthcare professionals and/or organizations without your consent, except when required by the law, if it is assessed that you are at serious risk of harming yourself or someone else, or if there is a clear child protection issue. In such situations, we are duty bound and compelled by law to inform the appropriate authorities and relevant persons who can best provide the support to prevent such harm.

  2. In the event that we are requested by authorities to provide access to documents held by Unconventional Organisation or to attend interviews with authorities in connection with the work we have done for you, we shall comply with the request only to the extent that we are bound by law to do so and shall notify you of the request or the sharing of information. Our priority will be to protect your interests in those circumstances.

  3. Where you provide us with any personal data of third parties, you confirm that you have obtained all necessary consents to do so and that we may collect, use and disclose such personal data for the purposes set out above.

  4. We reserve the right to disclose any information to our professional indemnity insurers or advisers.

  5. To ensure quality online coaching services, our coaches receive regular training and supervision. We may keep transcripts of online chat and coaching sessions for supervision and training purposes. We will not disclose your identity in those transcripts to protect your identity.

Information we may collect

  1. In order for us to meet your needs on our online coaching platform and to ensure your safety, we may have to collect personal identifiable information such as, but not limited to, your name, phone number, your email address, your address, your next of kin contact number and log data (your computer Internet Protocol address “IP”), Health information that you provide us, which may include information or records relating to your medical or health history, health status and laboratory testing results, diagnostic images, other health-related information and billing information that you provide us, such as credit card details.

  2. For the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of our services, we will collect some personal information about you such as your demographic details, your feedback about this service, information on pages that you visit on our platform, the duration that you spend talking to us on the platform, the number of exchanges (“live chats or emails”) between you and your coaches, and any information that you share with us over the platform. However, you will not be identified in any of our data reporting and evaluation process.

  3. You have the right to terminate our service at any time. However, we will reserve the right to retain the information you have provided for us during the course of your coaching with us. The privacy policy will still apply even if you terminate your coaching session with us.

Storage of Data

All electronic storage and transmission of personal data are secured with appropriate
security technologies at Unconventional Organisation and comply with Privacy Act
and its governing legislation.

How long will we keep the information about you?

Any of the information that we hold about you described above, will be held for up to
three (3) years from the initial point of contact, whether you decide to use our services
or not.

Queries and Requests for Additional Information

For questions about our privacy practices or additional information about our privacy
policy, you can contact us via email at:

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