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Services & Pricing

Start developing strategies and supporting your ADHD by choosing between these three service options:

Servies & Pricing

Online Courses

For people looking to learn practical ADHD strategies anywhere, anytime, at their own pace.



per week

/ approx. AU$


No fixed timeline; unsubscribe at any time.

ADHD courses include:

  • Access to online video courses presented by ADHD coaches on topics including ADHD routines, decision-making, self-criticism, time management, sustaining focus, workplace challenges and planner management.

  • Interactive quizzes, skill sheets and workbooks are available for each course to support visual and kinaesthetic learning.

  • A community of other ADHD adults and our ADHD coaches to connect with, share your progress and ask any questions you have.

Personalised Coaching

For people looking for a trained coach to help them successfully integrate ADHD strategies into their lives.



/ approx. AU$


(every two weeks)

Personalised ADHD coaching includes:

  • 50-minute online zoom sessions with a dedicated ADHD coach.

  • Personalised support as your coach helps you set up and work on your goals, develop ADHD-friendly strategies to reduce stress, and support executive functioning.

  • Coaching notes are sent to you within two working days of every session, outlining your goals, objectives, strategies, successes, and obstacles. Never miss a thing during the session.

Daily Accountability

For people looking for fast effective solutions to their daily executive functioning struggles.



/ approx. AU$


(every two weeks)

Personalised ADHD coaching and 'daily accountability' includes:

  • Everything from personalised ADHD coaching, plus:

  • Tailored accountability texts reminding you of your previous session’s goals.

  • 7-day email access to your ADHD coach with responses within 24 hours.

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