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Services & Pricing

Support your ADHD today with these three service options:

Servies & Pricing

For people looking for a combination of flexible community support and coaching accountability.

US$35.75 per week

billed monthly

No fixed timeline; unsubscribe at any time.

​The ADHD Academy includes:

  • 30 minutes of 1:1 support from an ADHD Coach each month.

  • Access to hours of interactive workbooks and videos.

  • Weekly Group Coaching sessions to connect and ask questions.

  • Daily body-doubling sessions to improve your focus.

  • An engaged Slack community.

  • Accountability support from our ADHD-friendly admin team.

  • 30-day guarantee, no questions asked.

Personalised Coaching

For people looking for a trained coach to help them successfully integrate ADHD strategies into their lives.



billed weekly or fortnightly

(every two weeks)

Personalised ADHD coaching includes:

  • 50-minute online zoom sessions with a dedicated ADHD coach.

  • Personalised support as your coach helps you set up and work on your goals, develop ADHD-friendly strategies to reduce stress, and support executive functioning.

  • Coaching notes are sent to you within two working days of every session, outlining your goals, objectives, strategies, successes, and obstacles. Never miss a thing during the session.

Daily Accountability

For people looking for fast effective solutions to their daily executive functioning struggles.



billed weekly or fortnightly

(every two weeks)

Personalised ADHD coaching and 'daily accountability' includes:

  • Everything from personalised ADHD coaching, plus:

  • Tailored accountability texts reminding you of your previous session’s goals.

  • 5-day email access to your ADHD coach with responses within 24 hours.

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