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Attachment Style & ADHD: What does it mean for neurodiversity? [Research Recap]

Ready for another chicken or the egg question? This week's topic: attachment styles & ADHD, but it's probably not what you think. Hope you're ready to explore the transactional relationship between ADHD neurobiology and one's life experiences! See you inside...

Hello and welcome back to The ADHD Skills Lab!

Producer Sarah here, diving deep into an apparently contentious topic: Attachment Styles and ADHD!

In 2024, we understand that ADHD can impact relationships and communication, but when did attachment styles enter the chat?

Curious about what we'll cover?

Attachment Theory Defined - Then and now
ADHD Subtype correlation
What's the correlation between trauma & attachment style?
Aren't these things incompatible with the neurodiversity paradigm?! Does someone want to do this study?
BONUS: personal discussion of our own attachment styles! Come chat about it on Threads.

Thanks for being here! Until next time,
~ Sarah (Podcast Producer)

ADHD Skills Discussed:

Awareness is always the first step to improvement
Building vocabulary to more effectively communicate your needs
The Dependency Paradox

06:27 - A cross-diagnostic cluster analysis of attachment styles in patients with emotional dysregulation.
13:36 - The role of attachment styles in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: A meta-analytic review from the perspective of a transactional development model

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