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LIVE with Conor Doyle and the ADHD Academy!

Short description: Listen now to our first Live Podcast with guest, Conor Doyle, founder of Conor James Education, joined by members of the ADHD Academy! Find out how to transform your routines amidst the chaos of unpredictability.

Welcome back to the ADHD Skills Lab!

This week I am pleased to present our very first LIVE podcast, with guest Conor Doyle! This is no mere interview; it's an interactive session where our members of the ADHD Academy listened and contributed to the recording of this episode!

This week features an inspiring yet casual conversation with Conor, who shares some successful strategies that support the complexities of his ADHD primarily focused on structured daily routines through habit stacking, (aka anchoring) and teach you how to do it! He shares how he maintains this while on the move; touching on meditation, physical activity, and the critical role of sleep in fostering overall emotional stability and self-confidence.

Thanks for being here. Until next time,
Sarah (Podcast Producer)

ADHD Skills Discussed:

Implementing habit stacking to create and sustain daily routines.
Strategies for routine maintenance during travel.
Enhancing emotional regulation and self-confidence through meditation, movement, and prioritizing sleep.
Build ADHD-friendly Flexible Routines You'll Love.

We’ll guide you through the system we’ve used to help 800+ academics, entrepreneurs, and working professionals with ADHD reach their goal within one month.

Click here to learn more and looking forward to seeing you there!

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