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Research Recap: From Brain Structure to Daily Difficulties, ADHD Impacts It All!

Dive into this week's research discussion on the functional and structural differences of ADHD brains and discover why finding the right, tailored supports is crucial to success!

Hi and welcome back to the ADHD Skills Lab!

Sarah here, your Producer, inviting you to listen to the latest Research Recap! Skye and I delve into neuroscience and medical research to explain how ADHD brains differ and how this can impact other areas of our lives—I'm looking at you, migraines!

We also dig into a study on the efficacy of telehealth during COVID lockdowns, ultimately discussing the importance of tailoring ADHD and mental health supports to fully support your life. Whether you're a new-parent or someone with chronic conditions, we discuss solutions that accommodate diverse life situations.

Settle in and enjoy the episode!

As always, if you have comments about the episode or our podcast, you can reach me at @theadhdskillslabpodcast on IG, now officially managed by me!

Thanks for being here. Until next time,
Sarah (Podcast Producer)

ADHD Skills:

Embrace habit tracking apps for monitoring migraines or other chronic conditions. This data can be invaluable during doctor's appointments.
Seek out kid-friendly ADHD supports and always communicate with your providers about your need for family-inclusive practices.
Consider your personal sensory needs: rose-colored glasses for migraines and photosensitivity, noise-cancelling headphones, weighted blankets, etc.

Papers Discussed:
01:03 - Sex differences in medication-naïve adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a counting Stroop functional MRI study.
13:21 - Female sex and burden of depressive symptoms predict insufficient response to telemedical treatment in adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: results from a naturalistic patient cohort during the COVID-19 pandemic.
22:09 - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults With Migraine.

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