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Research Recap: Treatment for ADHD - Are you receiving the gold standard?!

There can be more to ADHD treatment than meds or therapy; think you know the gold standard for managing it? Listen to this weeks episode to find out! You might be surprised to hear how few people are actually receiving it.

Hey there, Sarah here! Welcome back to The ADHD Skills Lab.

This week I am serving up a research recap of very large samples coming from interesting sources...

Curious about what we discuss?

- The interesting way they measured ADHD in these samples
- Why these results may be an underestimate
- The surprising risk factor for ADHD

Thanks for being here. Until next time,
~ Sarah (Podcast Producer)

ADHD Skills Discussed:
1. Schedule your wellness practice
2. Experiment with different holistic practices
3. The logistics of scheduling your support system

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Research Discussed:
01:19 - Risk factors associated with newly diagnosed ADHD in adults: a retrospective case-control study.
15:21 - Prevalence and predictors of multimodal treatment among US adults with ADHD.

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