Online ADHD Coaching to Move from Stuck to Sorted

Using research-backed neurodiverse strategies to build effective systems and help alleviate feelings of overwhelm and anxiety

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We help you manage life with ADHD.

Whether you're just starting your ADHD journey or seeking additional treatment, we understand these difficulties and provide judgement-free advice and support. You are not alone, and you can do this!

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Complete an online assessment and book an initial appointment this week. Don't wait to get help; start today.

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Our coaches 'walk the talk'. Every coach has lived experience of ADHD and implementing the strategies we coach.

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Our coaching service is delivered entirely online. You can do sessions via computer or phone in the comfort of your own home.

I was walking around in life with a huge box full of commitments, tasks, dates to remember, people to think about, things to do.   My coach was able to take the box off me, and put it down, and helped me go through everything one by one, putting them all into categories and working out what I really needed to do, think about, and focus on.

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How it Works.

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Choose between our three ADHD service options

Whether you're looking for flexible online courses, personalised coaching support, or daily accountability, we have something for you.


Book an initial intake appointment online.

If you think personalised ADHD coaching or daily accountability may be a good option for you, you can book a free consultation with an ADHD coach to identify your goals and ask any questions. From there we will help you book your first session with one of our ADHD coaches.



Start ADHD coaching sessions.

Our goal is to use research-backed coaching support to help you successfully build and implement personalised strategies for your ADHD.


Receive notes outlining your successes, goals, and strategies following every session.

During sessions with Unconventional Organisation, your coach will take notes of your successes, obstacles, goals for the week, and any strategies you discuss. These notes will be emailed to you within two working days to ensure you don't miss anything.


If you choose daily accountability you will also receive daily text messages with your last session's goals and have access to your coach for any questions or struggles throughout the week.


Meet our coaches.

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Skye R.

Founder, ADHD Coach, and Researcher

Doctoral Candidate in Population Health

Skye is an academic with over seven years of experience working in adult education. She has studied in various fields, including Psychology, Sociology, and Public Health, and is now a Doctoral Candidate in Population Health. Skye was diagnosed with ADHD at the start of her doctorate. Since then, she has dedicated time to researching and disseminating ADHD studies, focusing on supporting others with strengths-based, neurodiverse-friendly tools and systems.

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Sue J.

ADHD Coach

Masters of Guidance and Counselling

Sue is a qualified counsellor, teacher, and career guidance practitioner with eight years of experience working in specialist support roles.  Sue has based her career around a client-focused, strengths-based approach. Sue believes in finding the right fit for each unique individual and has an unwavering commitment to unconditional positive regard. She was diagnosed with ADHD in her early 30's after working with a number of mental health supports to improve her quality of life.

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Sarah R.

ADHD Coach

Bachelor of Sociology

Sarah is a social worker with five years of experience working in the non-profit sector. Throughout her career, Sarah has worked closely with a diverse range of individuals and a variety of mental diagnoses. She believes that an empathetic, person-first approach is the best way to connect with clients and support them through research-based systems of intervention. Sarah was diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood by her Clinical Psychologist, after insisting on an evaluation due to the high prevalence of ADHD in her family.


Start your coaching journey today.


per week for Online Courses

Initial assessment and consultation.
Personalised strengths-based coaching plan.
Research and coaching to support your goals.
Personal notes to track your progress following each session.
7-day email support from your dedicated coach.

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Individual Coaching from



Got a question? We're here to help.

What is the cost?

Our individual appointments are NZ$152 per week for weekly sessions. For fortnightly sessions (one session every two weeks) appointments are a total of NZ$166 but are billed as NZ$83 per week. You can decide which option you would prefer when you pay.

Our group courses are NZ$65 per week for 8 weeks.

As part of each session, you receive 50 minutes with an experienced ADHD Coach, plus notes/worksheets.

How does it work?

Getting started with Unconventional Organisation is convenient and easy. Visit our website at, and click "Is ADHD Coaching for me?".

You'll fill out a short assessment, which will determine whether or not you might be a candidate for ADHD coaching. If it looks like you might benefit from ADHD coaching, you will be able to book a free 20-min consultation where we will talk to you and help you decide if coaching is the right option for you.

Which countries and locations do you support?

As an online global organisation, we support all locations. We have coaches based across multiple time zones who can provide sessions that work for you. When you use our booking system this is automatically set up in your time zone so you can book with confidence and no calculations.

Do you accept insurance?

Currently we do not accept insurance for appointments with ADHD coaches. However, please check with your support provider as they sometimes will have funding for executive functioning or support services.

What are the rescheduling and cancellation policies?

One-on-one Coaching:

Our system is designed to make payment easier but also provide flexibility. Payment is subscription based but you can choose to cancel at any time. If you are going on holiday ask your coach to have your subscription suspended for that period. If you need to reschedule let us know and we will try to accommodate you with your current coach.

Please note that you need to let our coaches or administrators know about cancellations or rescheduling at least 48 hours beforehand in order to avoid paying for the session.

Group Coaching:

Your subscription for group coaching is set up to automatically end after 8 weeks. If you decide to leave you can cancel your subscription at anytime and you will not need to pay for future weeks. However, please be aware that we cannot provide refunds if you miss group coaching sessions during the course.

Will I have coaching during public holidays?

Because we operate internationally over Zoom, your session time, session date and even your regional public holidays may differ from your coach.

As a result, we require you to email if there is an upcoming public holiday that prevents you from attending a session. As always, 48 hours’ notice is required for appointment rescheduling or cancellation, however, if you are able to provide more advanced notice of your upcoming holidays your coach will appreciate it.

Still have questions? Get Support.


“I really enjoyed the exchange with people that struggle with similar challenges - and that benefit from similar strengths in the group coaching program.”

— Group coaching participant

“The thing I enjoyed about the group coaching was the accountability. Learning that the “standard advice” doesn’t work for me and getting information on what does.”

— Group coaching participant

“Getting more information on how to strategize for different times of life routines, was the most helpful thing for me.”

— Group coaching participant

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