ADHD Coaching

Personalised ADHD Coaching and Daily Accountability options to help you achieve your goals.

You can use the link below to book your free initial 20-minute consultation. We will use this time to identify your coaching goals and needs, as well as answer any questions you may have to help select and book your first coaching session with one of our trained ADHD coaches.

"Thinking about the issues and challenges I have addressed through strategies developed in our coaching sessions, I often wonder why I found things so difficult in the first place, and am amazed that life finally does not have to be so difficult."  

Coaching Client, Scotland

How does Personalised ADHD Coaching work?

Feeling overwhelmed or have goals you'd like to achieve?

Maybe you're struggling in a role at work, studying, starting a business, or working on a project and don't know where to begin. Let us come alongside, help you to break down your goals and support you to achieve them. 

As ADHD Coaches, our focus is not on telling you what to do. After all, everyone is different! Instead, we will ask questions in order to provide options and suggestions that you can use to develop a system that works for you. At Unconventional Organisation, we are passionate about understanding the latest ADHD research and bringing that knowledge into our coaching.

In the first session, we will fill out an executive functioning scale and develop your long-term goals. Then we will meet virtually with you every one or every two weeks to listen to your experiences and offer suggestions. Together, we will build and test strategies as well as routines that help you continue moving towards your goals long after the coaching is completed. 

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and takes place once a week or once every two weeks as needed. The strategies, tips, and progress we discuss over the session will be typed up and sent to you within two working days, so you don't miss a thing.


"My coach was very quickly able to help me come up with some measurable and achievable goals. She is really good at directing the sessions and bringing back my focus when I am going off track."

Coaching Client, Australia

How does Daily Accountability work?

If you're looking for additional ADHD support to build strategies faster, then 'daily accountability' might be for you. This ADHD coaching includes personalised coaching weekly or every two weeks with a dedicated ADHD Coach and notes provided after every session, as well as additional text and email services. As part of this service option, you will receive a daily text outlining your goals since the last session or any other personalised message you and your coach come up with. You will also have 7-day email access to your coach, who will reply to emails within 24 hours with support and strategies as you need them.


This all-inclusive coaching service is developed to provide you with as much support as you need to quickly reach your goals with a dedicated ADHD coach ready to talk to you whenever you need them. All of our coaches have lived experience of ADHD and receive training in-house from Unconventional Organisation's founder to ensure they are up to date on the latest research and strategies to adequately support you.​