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Get Proactive With Our
ADHD-Friendly Planning Framework™

A step=by-step guide to designing a planner that helps you get more done and feel less overwhelmed, even with ADHD.

The ADHD Planning Framework™ Teaches You Three Things:


Why planners don't work for you

Leave behind neurotypical advice that keeps you stuck. 


What to look for in an ADHD-friendly planner

Stand out with a system that is personalised and flexible, even on the busiest week.  


How to test your top choices

Use the Planner Panel™ to create a framework that helps you immediately narrow down and get started with the ideal planning framework for your brain. 

This PDF workbook will provide you with a systematic way to find and set up your ADHD-friendly planner. You'll learn what makes a planner that works with your ADHD, hope to support each executive functioning struggle and how to narrow down and test your choices until you find something that fits you perfectly. 

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