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Find ADHD Focus and Direction With 
The Goal Setting Stack™

A step-by-step guide to creating positive change that works with your ADHD brain.
Download YOUR workbook below.

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The Goal Setting Stack™ Workbook Teaches You Three Things:


How to select a goal

Work through a series of guided exercises with me to understand what you next step is. 


How we navigate goals with ADHD

Develop a deeper understanding of what can get in the way of goal setting and how we can overcome that. 


Understand the next steps

Use the first part of the Goal Setting Stack™ to create a framework that helps you immediately narrow down and get started with your ideal goal.

This PDF workbook will provide you with a systematic way to find and set up your ADHD-friendly goal, Even if you've never set one before, this Goal Setting Stack™ will provide focus and direction. 

Download the Workbook Below:

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