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New courses & quizzes!

Important: If you are currently subscribed to these Online ADHD Courses, please unsubscribe before subscribing on the new site. Please contact support if you require a partial refund for overlapping days during your final week.

Online ADHD Courses (Legacy)

This is a legacy page for pre-existing subscribers.
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Practical strategies for your ADHD struggles.

Creating an Effective ADHD Morning Routine

Creating an ADHD Friendly Planner System

Building an Effective ADHD Evening Routine

Prioritising Tasks to Avoid Overwhelm

Designing a Get-in-Focus Routine for ADHD

Creating a Time Management Routine

Developing a Fun ADHD Chore Routine

Incorporating Transitions and Managing Waiting Mode

“I loved the attention to detail with each subject we covered. Everything is broken down into small chunks, with plenty of time and opportunity to hone things to be personal to you.”

Online Courses Available Anytime

Start developing practical ADHD strategies at your own pace. Our online courses and workbooks cover eight weeks of content available whenever you need them.

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Taught by Our ADHD Coaches.

Unconventional Organisation Courses are taught by Founder, Researcher, and ADHD Coach Skye Rapson. All of the strategies included in this course are based on a combination of research, and the lived experiences of the clients and coaches who work with Unconventional Organisation.

How does online ADHD coaching work?

Your weekly subscription provides you with 24-hour access to all of our streamable videos and fillable PDF worksheets. Unsubscribe and resubscribe at any time.

Each course includes:

  • 2 videos, which are set up to be watched across two weeks.

    • The first video will outline the ADHD strategies and help you develop your own.​

    • The second video will help you troubleshoot and strengthen your strategy going forward.

  • 1 workbook, which can be used in combination with the videos.

    • Each workbook has sections for you to write notes and your thoughts, as well as fill in the blanks along with the video. Print it out, or use it digitally.

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