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Sarah's ADHD Coaching Story

*Shared with permission, name has been changed for privacy.


I wanted to share this story from one of my client's with you. If day-to-day life is overwhelming and you feel like you're just treading water (or maybe sinking), it's possible for you to move to a place where you can look to the future and actually plan for it with confidence.


I was diagnosed with ADHD at 30. Before diagnosis I had tried lots of things to help my symptoms; lists, colour coding, productivity apps, calendar, project apps, diaries, reminders, post-its. Nothing stuck for more than a few days, and when I slipped back to my old ways, I often felt even worse about myself. In terms of my mental health before diagnosis, I tried exercise, dietary changes, SSRI's/SNRI's, psychologists and counselling, but nothing really helped long-term. 

I felt so lost and out of my depth, and that was a normal theme in my life. Even when things were 'ok', I still felt like I could be doing better and that I would soon be sinking again. Getting that diagnosis was both hard, and a turning point. I felt overwhelmed and confused, and I felt I needed help working out my life and what that diagnosis would mean in terms of how I functioned and understood myself.

Skye came in like an ADHD guardian angel. As someone who was freshly diagnosed, I got a lot from the educational side of things in our sessions. Learning how my brain works and how to make it work for me. I discovered that I had basically been banging my head against a brick wall, trying strategies that never worked - and now I knew why I was different and had not been able to function the way I thought I should.

Coaching with Skye helped me understand my brain and my needs so I could get better strategies that work for me. It also helped with accepting my 'differences' and not comparing myself to others. That was huge. I felt supported and encouraged to look after myself and find my groove in my own life.

By working with a coach, you have someone who can help you with all the nitty-gritty, daily (and long term) things. I felt that I was able to look to the future and actually plan for it, rather than living day-to-day overwhelmed and treading water. I'd never been one to set goals and try and achieve them, I was bouncing from one thing to the other, so Skye helped me see that I did have goals and I was able to achieve them.

A good way to describe what working with Skye did for me is this: I was walking around in life with a huge box full of commitments, tasks, dates to remember, people to think about, things to do etc.

Skye was able to take the box off me, and put it down, and helped me go through everything one by one, putting them all into categories and working out what I really needed to do, think about, and focus on.

Coaching with Skye was an absolute lifesaver for me and I feel like it should be an essential part of learning to live with ADHD.


As a fellow ADHDer, I understand the difficulties we face all too well. If this story resonates with you, I'd like to come alongside, and help you to break down your goals and support you to achieve them.

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Sarah's Story
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