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ADHD Emotions: The Chicken or the Egg Dilemma [Research Recap]

Which came first... symptoms of Anxiety/Depression or ADHD? For years, the consensus was to treat the anxiety/depression first in the hopes the ADHD symptoms would clear up. But, what if that was wrong? Join us in this week's Research Recap as we dive into this and other fascinating finds. See you inside...

Welcome back to The ADHD Skills Lab!

This is Producer Sarah speaking; ready to give you the long and short about what you'll find this week:

Understanding the link between mind wandering, rumination and mindfulness
What happens when you screen a bunch of neurotypicals for ADHD and emotional dysregulation?
High co-morbidity between ADHD and mood disorders? What's that about...
*BONUS: I go on a rant this week... which of the three topics do you think triggered it? Come find me on IG/YT and let me know your guess!

Thanks for being here! Until next time,
~ Sarah R (Podcast Producer)

ADHD Skills Discussed:

More ADHD-friendly mindfulness ritual
Modifying the method to accommodate yourself
Self-advocacy scripting (this one is in the subtext)

00:55 - Excessive mind wandering, rumination, and mindfulness mediate the relationship between ADHD symptoms and anxiety and depression in adults with ADHD.
14:40 - Relationship Between ADHD-Like Traits and Emotion Dysregulation in the Adult General Population.
21:47 - Clinical characterization of coexisting ADHD symptoms in a sample of adults with cyclothymia: a preliminary observational study

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