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ADHD Stigma - Do you feel weird? same... - Research Recap

Do you ever walk into a room and realize you're just different from everyone else there... and they know it too? Yeah.. unfortunately, ADHD be like that sometimes, and the research we're talking about this week backs that up. Buckle up, grab some tissues, and listen up because we're getting personal and talking stigma with ADHD. *Read full description for TW/CW*

Welcome back to this week's episode of The ADHD Skills Lab! Producer Sarah here, ready to give you this week's breakdown.

Going to start by flagging that this episode was deeply emotional all around, from initial research all the way through to reviewing post-edit.

That said... ***TRIGGER WARNING: strong mentions and verbal depictions of social stigma and rejection.. if you would like to skip ahead to the discussion of ADHD and restlessness, please jump to 19:45 in the recording.***

You can find all of the links/resources from this episode down below, I think the most I have ever posted! Jackpot!

ADHD Skills Discussed:

ADHD-friendly Mindfulness
More purposes for a sensory-friendly space in your home
Physical and Active Somatic therapies for restlessness, anxiety, frustration, etc.
Thanks for being here. Until next time,

~ Sarah (Podcast Producer)

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