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AI & ADHD Support: Interview with Tobie Langel

Looking for a convo packed with insights on Machine Learning Models (AI) and ADHD? The ADHD Skills Lab sat down with Tobie Langel to bring you an episode packed with research, policy discussions, and personal stories. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording!

Welcome back to The ADHD Skills Lab!

I am very excited to share a conversation we had with Tobie Langel, founder of UnlockOpen and late-diagnosed ADHD'er, who got his start in tech during the Web 2.0 days.

Curious about what's inside?

- AI & ADHD: Explore the role of AI in identifying ADHD and what the future may hold for this technology.
- Unconventional Diagnosis: Tobie shares his comical yet frustrating journey to diagnosis.
- What Helped: How this small business business owner finally got things under control.

Settle in, press play and let's get into it together!

Thanks for being here!
Sarah (Podcast Producer)

ADHD Skills Discussed:

- Untangling your personal ADHD experience
- Simplifying your day
- The importance of multi-modal support

ADHD Research Discussed:
Machine learning in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: new approaches toward understanding the neural mechanisms

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