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Harnessing Impulsivity: Live in The ADHD Skills Lab with Jamie Cutino

Have you ever turned your impulsivity into an asset? We’ve all felt the sting of a hasty decision gone wrong, but this week’s guest, Jamie Cutino, is here to tell you why impulsive action can be one of her greatest ADHD strengths. Join us in The ADHD Skills Lab LIVE to witness Jamie’s vulnerability and infectious enthusiasm firsthand. See you inside...

Hi and welcome back to The ADHD Skills Lab podcast!

This is Producer Sarah speaking, thrilled to be bringing you this LIVE interview with Jamie Cutino, founder of Outsmart ADHD.

Curious what Jamie has to share?

Her origin story: ADHD diagnosis, loss of a parent, etc.
HOT take: Impulsivity can be a strength for an entrepreneur
Neuroscience & other research mentions: Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Risk-Taking
*BONUS: How do you think I (still Sarah) met Skye?
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Thanks for being here! Until next time,
~ Sarah R (Podcast Producer)

ADHD Skills Discussed:

Find creative outlets for impulsivity (for examples, listen to the episode!)
The benefits of a "done list"
Adding stimulation to mundane/repetitive tasks
1. UO Article: Is ADHD Good for Entrepreneurship?
2. Neurobiology of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A brief review

Looking for Jamie?
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FB: Women with ADHD - Support & Strategies - Outsmart ADHD

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