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Is ADHD a disorder? Interview with Simon Mundie

This week in the Skills Lab, we're excited to host renowned journalist and author of 'Champion Thinking,' Simon Mundie. Listen along as we challenge the “disorder” terminology and learn to harness the intrinsic joy of the “flow” state.

Hello, and welcome back to the ADHD Skills Lab!

This week, I'm excited to bring you an engaging interview with acclaimed journalist and author Simon Mundie. He shares insights from his new book, 'Champion Thinking: How To Find Success Without Losing Yourself,' which is now available for purchase!

Join Skye and Simon as they explore a range of compelling topics, including:

The journey from initial diagnosis to understanding and acceptance
ADHD as a trait, rather than a disorder
Hyperfocus as a "flow state" and how to avoid the negative aspects
Thanks for being here!

~Sarah (Podcast Producer)

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