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LIVE with ADHD Jesse: a sneak-peek into "Extra Focus"

Check out this LIVE interview with ADHD Jesse, author of "Extra Focus," joined by members of our ADHD Academy community! Find out why this book is being called an "early survival guide to ADHD diagnosis!" RSVP to our next live recording - find the link inside!

Welcome back to this week's episode of the ADHD Skills Lab!
I am thrilled to present another LIVE interview featuring Jesse Anderson, author of the new book "Extra Focus," joined by members of our ADHD Academy community.

Curious about what's inside?

Jesse's ADHD journey: From struggling at work to becoming an author. How did he navigate the challenges of ADHD to achieve this goal?
Diagnosis dilemmas: Did you struggle to get diagnosed? Same.
Live troubleshooting: Don't miss the interactive segment on personalizing and optimizing your ADHD strategies
If you want to be a part of our next live podcast recording happening on Thursday March 21 at 1 pm EDT, click here to add this event to your calendar. Hope to chat with you there!

Thanks for being here. Until next time,
Sarah (Podcast Producer)

ADHD Skills Discussed:

Adapting prioritization strategies to fit your unique brain
Managing waiting mode
Using visual aids to support your routine
PLUS: One surprising strategy to help you set goals!

Research mentioned:

Activity-Based Prospective Memory in ADHD during Motor Sleep Inertia
Avoidant Automatic Thoughts are Associated with Task Avoidance and Inattention in the Moment.

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