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Mastering your Environment with ADHD: LIVE Interview with Stephanie Scheller

Are chronic sensory issues holding you back? Tune in as Stephanie Scheller, founder of GrowDisrupt, guides The ADHD Skills Lab on mastering your environment! Learn how to transform your space into a DIY lab for classical conditioning to enhance focus and productivity.

Welcome back to The ADHD Skills Lab! I'm Sarah, your producer, and I'm here to let you know what you can expect from this week's episode.

Skye and I were thrilled to sit down with Stephanie Scheller, the founder of Grow Disrupt. It was our mission to explore all of the strategies for modifying your environment, and this convo did not disappoint!


What is different about a conference made specifically for ADHD'ers?
How an unintended experiment was conducted on conference attendees...
Managing various types of sensory stimuli, at home and in the wild.

Thanks for being here. Until next time,
~ Sarah (Podcast Producer)

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Grow Disrupt - Fly: An Entrepreneur's Journey (Susannah's Version) (Official Music Video)

Research Referenced:
The relationship between ADHD traits and sensory sensitivity in the general population

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