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Netflix Screenwriter Heather Taylor: Interview in The ADHD Skills Lab

Heather A. Taylor, screenwriter and co-host of the Braaains podcast, joins us in The ADHD Skills Lab for a lively and candid conversation. Listen up for some incredible new metaphors to describe the ADHD lived experience. See you inside...

Hello and welcome to another interview in the ADHD Skills Lab!

Heather Taylor, accomplished screenwriter and co-host of the Braaains podcast, met with us to discuss her lived experience with ADHD and the many ways it failed to resonate with her early on.

Curious about what's inside?

How externalizing symptoms become internalizing symptoms
How Heather started healing the guilt and shame
Wait, you can use DND to explain ADHD to people?!

Thanks for being here. Until next time,
~ Sarah (Podcast Producer)

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ADHD Skills Discussed:

Anchoring daily activities on each other
How Heather manages deadlines and the need to write many drafts
Managing Rejection-Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) and Imposter Syndrome

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