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Research Recap: tCDS and Stress Proteins – Beyond the Hype

Dive into the latest on tCDS treatment and stress proteins with us at the ADHD Skills Lab! We'll cut right through the jargon to reveal what it means for you!

Hi, and welcome back to the ADHD Skills Lab!

This week, join Skye and me as we explore some cutting-edge research on tCDS treatment and stress proteins. Spoiler alert: the findings weren't quite what the researchers expected.

What happens when research doesn't find what it's looking for? Well, in some cases, the papers readability gets a bit murky. It turns out, we're still on the hunt for clear answers on treatments many folks are already trying out.

Join us as we break down the complex jargon and dig into the methodology and limitations of these studies to get to the heart of their real-world implications.

Thanks for being here,
~ Sarah (Podcast Producer)

Articles Referenced:
01:17 - Cognitive control enhancement in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and neurotypical individuals.
12:40 - Inflammatory biotype of ADHD is linked to chronic stress: A data-driven analysis of the inflammatory proteome.

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