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Sleep & Gaming with ADHD: Research Recap

When academics openly choose to "deviate from the requirements," it makes for interesting conversation. This week's Research Recap in The ADHD Skills Lab looks at sleep and gaming disorders, with a heavy emphasis on what this means and what you can do. See you inside...

Hello and welcome back to The ADHD Skills Lab podcast!
This is Producer Sarah, delivering another slightly controversial Research Recap!

Curious about what's inside?

Defining sleep disturbance
What exactly is Internet Gaming Disorder?
Can a paper choose to "deviate from the requirements" and still get published? Yeah, turns out you can.
BONUS: Does anyone know of an interdisciplinary fusion of sociological and psychological theory that focuses on social conditions manifest as psychological symptoms? Please dm me or @ me somewhere, thanks.

Thanks for being here. Until next time,

ADHD Skills Discussed:

How to video gamify my work systems
Finding an outlet for learning, curiosity, and/or creativity
Adjusting your routines - listen for more!
01:07 - Management of sleep disorders in autism spectrum disorder with co-occurring attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: update for clinicians.
11:56 - A Brief Comprehensive Review of the Interactions Between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Internet Gaming Disorder.

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