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ADHD, Entrepreneurship and Building Repeatable Systems with David Greenwood

David and Skye discuss entrepreneurship with ADHD. David is an author and a host of an ADHD podcast.

Skye is joined by David Greenwood to discuss his experiences managing ADHD as a serial entrepreneur. David is the author of the book "Overcoming Distractions: Thriving with Adult ADHD" and host of the podcast with the same name. He is based just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked as an entrepreneur in various fields, including owning a karate school, a restaurant and starting his own public relations firm. We discuss managing ADHD in a neurotypical environment, the importance of repeatable systems and protecting your time.

David Greenwood is the author of the book, Overcoming Distractions, thriving with Adult ADHD. The book looks at ADHD through the eyes of the entrepreneur, profiling their success and how many of them use their ADHD to their advantage. David interviewed several entrepreneurs and professionals that have ADHD and gained valuable insight and tips on what it takes to lead a fulfilling life as an adult with ADHD. David also hosts the popular podcast by the same name, Overcoming Distractions.

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