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Online ADHD Coaching for Adults

Unlocking Your ADHD Potential: Science-based systems with real-life transformation

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We help you manage life with ADHD.

Whether you're just starting your ADHD journey or seeking additional treatment, we understand these difficulties and provide judgement-free advice and support. You are not alone, and you can do this!

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Complete an online assessment and book an initial appointment this week. Don't wait to get help; start today.

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Our coaches 'walk the talk'. Every coach has lived experience of ADHD and implementing the strategies we coach.

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Our coaching service is delivered entirely online. You can do sessions via computer or phone in the comfort of your own home.

I was walking around in life with a huge box full of commitments, tasks, dates to remember, people to think about, things to do.   My coach was able to take the box off me, and put it down, and helped me go through everything one by one, putting them all into categories and working out what I really needed to do, think about, and focus on.

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How it Works.

Take your first step with us.



Choose between our three ADHD service options

Whether you're looking for flexible online courses, personalised coaching support, or daily accountability, we have something for you.


Book an initial intake appointment online.

If you think personalised ADHD coaching or daily accountability may be a good option for you, you can book a free ADHD Coaching Intake with an ADHD coach to identify your goals and ask any questions. From there we will help you book your first session with one of our ADHD coaches.



Receive notes outlining your successes, goals, and strategies following every session.

During sessions with Unconventional Organisation, your coach will take notes of your successes, obstacles, goals for the week, and any strategies you discuss. These notes will be emailed to you within two working days to ensure you don't miss anything.


If you choose daily accountability you will also receive daily text messages with your last session's goals and have access to your coach for any questions or struggles throughout the week.


Start ADHD coaching sessions.

Our goal is to use research-backed coaching support to help you successfully build and implement personalised strategies for your ADHD.


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What I found when I started work with my coach Sarah was not only does Unconventional Organisation have a great practical approach, but the support and consideration provided by my coach was amazing.

I found the discussions and time spent were always well spent and productive, and the fact that I could focus on the conversation and not have to prioritize my notes (I don't want to forget anything) was a real game changer. Additionally, I use my notes as a great reference when I need to refocus or reset. It is great information that I can use to help center and restart when things become overwhelming.

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing support, consideration and thoughtful approach to this challenge I continue to work through. This has been such a valuable experience and I will continue for years to come.

—  UO ADHD Coaching Client

Meet our coaches.


Skye R.

Founder, ADHD Coach, and Researcher

Doctoral Candidate in Population Health

Available online (based in New Zealand)


Abbie J.

ADHD Coach

Master of Genetic Counselling

Available online (based in Australia)


Sarah R.

Director of Coaching, Head ADHD Coach

Bachelor of Sociology

Available online (based in the United States)


Elizabeth B.

ADHD Coach

PhD in Bioethics

Available online (based in USA)


Karen A.

Head ADHD Coach

Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies

Available online (based in Australia)


Giulianna M.

ADHD Coach

Bachelor in Political Science

Available online (based in Germany)

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Start your coaching journey today.


per month for The ADHD Academy

Initial assessment and ADHD Coaching Intake.
Personalised strengths-based coaching plan.
Research and coaching to support your goals.
Personal notes to track your progress following each session.
7-day email support from your dedicated coach.

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Individual Coaching from

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