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Science-based Solutions for ADHD Adults

 We’ll guide you through the system we’ve used to help 800+ academics, entrepreneurs, and working professionals with ADHD reach their goal within one month. 

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Why Unconventional Organisation?


Build Momentum

ADHD struggles are not always the same.  Our coaches help you assess, build, and test your perfect system.


Enjoy Your Life

Everything we do is created by adults with ADHD for ADHD adults -- built for brains like ours. 


Understand Yourself

Our in-house research team makes recommendations based on the latest peer-reviewed ADHD studies.

Hear from Our Community

“You’re not alone, and you can build routines.
You just need to understand what your brain has been trying to tell you all along."
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Skye Waterson

Founder of Unconventional Organisation

Home: How it Works.

How It Works

Four simple steps to science-backed ADHD support strategies


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Do you want to learn within an engaged community or talk directly to the experts?

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Identify your ADHD struggles and build your systems

We use the latest research into ADHD to help you identify your struggles and break them down into executive functioning components.

From there, we help you build a system or routine to resolve these struggles in a way that best suits your needs.


Troubleshoot solutions

We have a built-in testing and trouble-shooting process that helps you assess your systems and add flexibility to ensure they’ll work well every day, not just on the good days!

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Experience measurable improvements in daily life

Most of our clients see improvements in their ADHD struggles within the first three sessions of 1-on-1 ADHD Coaching or the first month with the ADHD Academy.

Benefits include feeling more relaxed and in control of their day, completing projects, and building intentional routines that allow them to spend more time on what they want to do.

Meet our coaches

Home: Team Members

Start your coaching journey today

We have three options for you click on each to see the features included

All included features:

An introductory session with an ADHD Coach

Personalised strengths-based coaching plan

Research and coaching to support your goals

Personal notes or recordings to track your progress following each session

5-day email support from our ADHD-friendly admin team

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