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Reach Your Goals With ADHD

 Our Goals Achieved with ADHD™ program is a comprehensive coaching solution for professionals with ADHD.

We help you get proactive and consistent as you build momentum using our research-based strategies. Start ticking tasks off and reaching your potential in a way you love.

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Trusted by over 500+ ADHD Professionals

I would not be where I am in my career without Skye and Unconventional Organisation."

Lisa Ballard

Director of Global Strategic Pursuits at Google

The neurotypical way of reaching goals.


Most ADHD professionals get to a point where they: 


🪫Feel like they've achieved nothing, regardless of how hard they've worked.

🪫Are drowning in endless tasks that drain their energy and leave them feeling exhausted and unable to do things they love.

🪫Stay up till 3 am trying to take a break after an unfulfilling day.

🪫Wake up in the morning tired, late, and with hundreds of tasks they still haven't started.

🪫Are barely treading water when they want to be building momentum.

🪫Worry about retirement and creating a long-term plan for their life.

🪫Need someone who understands what it's like to achieve with an ADHD brain, who can give them the strategies and then hold them accountable as they progress towards their goal.


There is an easier way.


Imagine building consistent momentum towards your goals every day and enjoying every step.

Our Goals Achieved with ADHD™ program will help you:


🔋Tap into your goals and discover your direction.

🔋Find your focus and reduce procrastination.

🔋Free yourself from the constant overwhelm of unending tasks.

🔋Implement systems that help you consistently and proactively tick off tasks.

🔋Connect with a community of like-minded ADHD adults.

🔋Build a step-by-step plan to show you exactly what to do next and have the motivation to do it. 

🔋 Check in with gentle accountability to make sure you reach your goal. 

Goals Achieved Academy Members Tick Off Tasks Faster, Enjoy Their Days, Feel More Confident In Their ADHD, And Take Steps To Reach Their Goals.

Here's how:

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Proactive Momentum



With Unconventional Organisation’s program. you're going to get a combination of three things: Focus, Proactive Momentum, and Consistency. We've distilled the key elements of the program into a model we call Goals Achieved with ADHD™. 


The Goals Achieved with ADHD Framework™.



A Custom Goals Achieved Plan Designed For Your Brain

When you join the Goals Achieved Academy, the first thing you'll do is meet with an ADHD Focus Coach. The Coach will help you understand your vision for your life and then build a custom plan designed to help you reach your goals while supporting your specific ADHD struggles. 

You'll also get:

  • An integrated Project Management System designed to help you keep track of your progress.

  • Fortnightly Ready, Set Goals Sessions to help you clarify, refocus, and motivate you to keep going

  • Weekly Community Problem-Solving Sessions with an ADHD Coach to celebrate wins, give you practical support, and keep you accountable. 

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Everything You Need to Keep Taking Steps Toward Your Goals.

Once you have your custom goals-achieved plan, you'll have access to detailed step-by-step training and playbooks that will show you exactly what to do. 

  • Playbooks to help you quickly get unstuck and design your planner, prioritization and routine in an ADHD-friendly way. 

  • Expert advice from ADHD professionals and experts in every area of life.

  • Body-doubling Sessions to help you push through busy weeks.



The Accountability to Make Sure You Reach Your Goals.


The secret sauce that makes the Goals Achieved Program unique is access to professionals and coaches with ADHD who will gently hold you accountable and provide strategies to keep you moving forward. 

  • You'll get your own Dedicated ADHD Mentor who will follow up with you and help keep you focused on tasks that will move the needle.

  • Connect with successful ADHD professionals who have the same challenges as you. Become part of a supportive community that can help you through any challenge or with any question.

  • Live weekly events where you'll meet, connect and learn from other ADHD professionals in all different stages of goals achieved. 


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Start your coaching journey today

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All included features:

An introductory session with an ADHD Coach

Personalised strengths-based coaching plan

Research and coaching to support your goals

Personal notes or recordings to track your progress following each session

5-day email support from our ADHD-friendly admin team

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Find ADHD Focus and Direction With 
The Goal Setting Stack™


How to select a goal.

How we navigate goals with ADHD.

Understand the next steps of the stack.

Even if you've never set one before, this Goal Setting Stack™ will provide focus and direction. 

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