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ADHD Strategies To Build Flexible Routines You’ll Love

We’ll guide you through the system we’ve used to help 800+ academics, entrepreneurs, and working professionals with ADHD reach their goal within one month.

Learn science-backed strategies to kick-start your momentum

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Get the expert support and accountability you need to maintain it.  

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Stories from Our Community

Just having the support and the conversation and the understanding and the tools through this academy has been so healing and so supportive.

Whitney Spettel, USA. 

Do You Relate To This?
Do You Relate To This?
Do You Relate To This?
We've been there. And we know the right strategies can be life-changing.
Finally stick to a routine
Use our science-backed strategies to finally tick off those tasks.
Build momentum
See tangible improvements in your daily life with personalised support from coaches with ADHD.
Grow in confidence
Learn to celebrate your achievements with our #smallwins community channel or as part of Group Coaching sessions.
Improve your focus
Focus on tasks with our regular body-doubling sessions.
Connect to a community
Get daily motivation with exclusive access to an engaged community of other adults with ADHD.
How the ADHD Academy works


Connect with an ADHD Coach

Kickstart your progress with a 30-minute one-on-one with an ADHD Coach. Let us know what you want to get out of the ADHD Academy, and we'll help you set your goals.



Join the Community

However you'd like to connect, we have you covered! Get involved with weekly Group Coaching, Body Doubling, or monthly Intensive Workshops. Plus, you can chat in our Slack Community anytime.


Start Building Your Systems

Learn strategies to build flexible, fun ADHD routines with our interactive workbooks and videos. New workbooks are released every few months, exclusively for community members. 



Stay on Track with Accountability Support

Consistent change can be hard. That's why we’ve crafted a trouble-shooting process for our ADHD brains. 

Let us guide you through a tailored combination of body-doubling
check-ins, and problem-solving sessions with an ADHD Coach.

Create a flexible routine that will fit your lifestyle and leave you feeling motivated.


Experience Measurable Improvements in Daily Life 

Most people see improvements in their executive functioning struggles during their first month with the ADHD Academy.

We're so confident you will, too, that we guarantee it! If, for some reason, you feel like the process doesn't work for you, just email us within 30 days, and we'll refund you, no questions asked. 

Once inside the ADHD Academy, you will have access to:
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Online Courses: Workbooks & Videos
Our interactive courses teach science-backed skills to manage your ADHD through short videos, practical advice, and workbooks to record your progress.
Start your progress with the support from our ADHD community
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Group Coaching & Body Doubling
Connect with your community, learn ADHD strategies, share your wins and work through tasks together.
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1:1 ADHD Coach Support
Feeling overwhelmed? Connect with our ADHD Coaches once a month for a 30-minute boost to help you get back on track.
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Global Slack Community
Connect with our community of other adults with ADHD. Whether you need encouragement from our #smallwinscelebration channel or motivation from our #accountability channel. With members from around the world, there's always someone there when you need to chat.
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ADHD-friendly Admin
Having one of those days? Don’t worry – our admin team is always on hand to help.
Meet The Founder
Hi I’m Skye Waterson,
During my 20s, I worked and studied in psychology, sociology, and statistics before receiving a doctoral scholarship in population health. It was also during that time that...
I was diagnosed with ADHD,
I felt overwhelmed and confused.
Did this mean I was never going to feel ‘normal’?
Was this why I kept burning out?
Now after years of research, I’ve found the answer to those questions.
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And I’ve put everything into one ADHD-friendly space to share with you.
You’re not alone, and you can build routines.

You just need to understand what your brain has been trying to tell you all along.
Research shows learning new habits can make huge changes in your life - even if you struggle with impulsiveness
Adriaanse et al., 2014 & Galla and Duckworth, 2015
Let me show you how!
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Founder of Unconventional Organisation
Skye Waterson
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Summarised Into One
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