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ADHD Insights: How to manage your thoughts and self-regulate

This week, Sarah and Skye dig into papers on avoidant automatic thoughts and the role of genetics in ADHD and autism. They also share tips from the ADHD Academy on self-regulating in the moment.
Hit play for the latest research -- stay tuned for ADHD support strategies that stick!

Do you trust your feelings? Can early exposure to certain events contribute to ADHD? What role do genetics and familial associations play in ADHD and Autism?

These are just a few of the questions tackled by Sarah and Skye in this week’s ADHD Research Recap. The pair discuss papers on avoidant automatic thoughts and share strategies from the ADHD Academy on self regulating in the moment.

The ADHD Academy
Unconventional Organisation

Avoidant Automatic Thoughts are Associated with Task Avoidance and Inattention in the Moment
Association between cumulative psychosocial adversity in the family and ADHD and autism: a family-based cohort study

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