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ADHD Research Recap: Does masking mean ADHD looks different in adulthood?

Are ADHD symptoms more severe in childhood? Does the ability to mask mean symptoms are more manageable? How do we test the link between ADHD and depression? To what extent do methodical limitations undermine ADHD research?

These are just some of the questions answered in this week’s research recap. Join us to get to the bottom of the biggest topics in the world of ADHD right now.

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This week, we examine the link between executive function deficits in ADHD and Autism, the differences between ADHD identified in childhood versus adulthood, and how best to test the connection between ADHD symptoms and depression.

While these latest findings are compelling, they are not without their controversies. So we couldn’t end the discussion without covering causation versus correlation and the issue of methodical limitations in academic papers.

Tune in to tackle the big topics in the world of ADHD this week!

Articles Referenced:

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Compared Profile of Late-Onset Versus Childhood-Onset ADHD: A Case-Control Study Among Treatment-Seeking Adult Patients.
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Skye Waterson
ADHD Productivity Coach and Researcher
Unconventional Organisation

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