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ADHD Research Recap: Emotional dysregulation across genders, internet-delivered therapies, self-reporting and diagnosis

This week Sarah and Skye discuss gender differences in ADHD, the latest in internet-delivered ADHD therapy, and a controversial study on self-reporting symptoms and diagnosis.

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Does the emotional impact of ADHD differ between genders? This is just one of the topics up for discussion in this week’s Research Recap. Sarah and Skye also explore what self-reporting means for ADHD diagnosis and take a look at recent findings of internet-delivered ADHD therapies.

Unconventional Organisation:

Internet delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for adults with ADHD - A randomized controlled trial
ADHD-related sex differences in emotional symptoms across development
The Ability of Self-Report Methods to Accurately Diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Review

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