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ADHD Research Recap: Exploring the Genetics of ADHD

Join Skye and Sarah for a research recap and discussion of two research papers on ADHD and genetics. One paper investigates the role of microRNA in ADHD, while the other is a meta-analysis identifying 27 risk loci.

In this podcast episode, Sarah and Skye discuss two research papers, both related to ADHD and genetics. They explore a paper that delves into the role of microRNA in ADHD. The other study they discuss is a meta-analysis of ADHD genetics, which identifies 27 risk loci.
Hit play and learn more about ADHD and genetics!

The ADHD Academy
Unconventional Organisation

Alterations in microRNA of extracellular vesicles associated with major depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity and anxiety disorders in adolescents.
Genome-wide analyses of ADHD identify 27 risk loci, refine the genetic architecture and implicate several cognitive domains

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