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ADHD Research recap: Father-child interactions and emotional dysregulation

This week we're discussing the latest research on emotional dysregulation, executive function, and how they affect many of us with ADHD.

How do emotional regulation – and dysregulation – relate to ADHD? This week, we look at several studies about ADHD, executive function, and emotional dysregulation. Is emotional dysregulation tied to executive function? How do early childhood influences affect emotional dysregulation? And how does sleep – or the lack of it – affect emotional regulation and executive function? We'll discuss each study in depth and share our own experiences.


Additional Research Discussed

Developmental antecedents of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms in middle childhood: The role of father-child interactions and children’s emotional underregulation

Evidence of emotion dysregulation as a core symptom of adult ADHD: A systematic review

Associations Between ADHD, Sleep Problems, and Mental Health Symptoms in Adolescents

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