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ADHD Research recap: Inertia, distraction and links to obesity

Join Sarah and Skye for another Research Recap. This week, they discuss the potential for ADHD as a marker of obesity, pick over the mechanics of distraction and examine how sleep inertia can make mornings a challenge.

Do you struggle to get going in the morning? You’re not alone! This week Sarah and Skye dig into the latest research around sleep inertia to get to the bottom of why so many of us with ADHD can be slow to start. They also examine a paper on the mechanics of distraction and discuss why ADHD can be a marker for obesity in later life.

Unconventional Organisation:
The ADHD Academy:

Lingering on Distraction: Examining Distractor Rejection in Adults with ADHD

Activity-Based Prospective Memory in ADHD during Motor Sleep Inertia

Emotional problems mediate the association between attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and obesity in adolescents

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