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About Unconventional Organisation

Unconventional Organisation provides research-backed group and individual coaching to people with ADHD or executive dysfunction challenges.


We can help you set and achieve your goals, no matter where in the world you are based.

Meet the Coaches

Our ADHD Experience


Are all coaches diagnosed with ADHD?

Yes. All of our coaches have been diagnosed with ADHD and have lived experience using the strategies they teach.

What training do ADHD coaches have?

As well as their own experience with ADHD and working in helping professions, each coach has undergone a two-month training process with Skye where they learned the skills of ADHD coaching, the latest ADHD research, and strategies and took part in training sessions with clients.

What ethical guidelines do you use?

Although coaches are not licensed or connected with them, we follow the Code of Ethics for Psychologists working in New Zealand where relevant. This is reflected in our practice, the coach's supervision, and the consent and confidentiality form you are sent once you sign up.