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About Us

What is Unconventional Organisation?

Unconventional Organisation is a digital ADHD coaching service created by and for people with ADHD.

We provide customised ADHD coaching programs for individuals with ADHD. We also offer online ADHD courses. Our goal is to make coaching as accessible and convenient as possible. We understand how hard it can be to find and book an ADHD coach. Our coaching is based on ADHD research. Each of our coaches has lived experience of ADHD and has been trained to use the researched-backed strategies we coach.

Our team wants to ensure that you receive knowledgeable care and, most importantly, you feel in control of your neurodiversity's strong strengths and strong weaknesses. If you choose to work with us, you'll have access to caring providers ready to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to find strategies that work best for you. Start with us today at

Are all coaches diagnosed with ADHD?

Yes. All our coaches have been diagnosed with ADHD and have lived experience using the strategies they teach.

What training do ADHD coaches have?

Our coaches undergo a 16-week internal ADHD coaching certification program, which includes both educational and practical ADHD coaching instruction and hands-on coaching experience. They study ADHD research materials, learn UO strategies, and must pass assessments for each instruction module. Their hands-on coaching experience includes working with trainee clients under the supervision of the Director of Coaching. Coaches will regularly meet with their Head Coach and Director both during the training program and after they graduate to ensure their learning continues.

What ethical guidelines do you use?

Although coaches are not licensed or connected with them, we follow the Code of Ethics for Psychologists working in New Zealand where relevant. This is reflected in our practice, the coach's supervision, and the consent and confidentiality form you are sent once you sign up.

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